Here at Activ8, we have built a dedicated team of experts in event production and management who can make your vision a reality.  Whether you are a big international corporation with a large budget or a small business with limited financial resources, we have the passion, talent and experience to make your event a unique and memorable occasion that you will look back on with pride.

We are able to create engaging conferences that enable our clients to communicate company messages, strengthen their brand position.

  • Business Conference: Held for business leaders or a cross section staff of an organization, or people working in the same industry. They come together to discuss new trends and opportunities pertaining to their business.
  • Trade Conference: Takes place on a larger scale. Besides businessmen, there are members of the public who come to network with vendors and made new connections. Such a conference consists of workshops and white paper presentations.
  • Workshops:A more hands-on experience for the participants with demonstrations and activities. This type of conference allows for limited amount of time for a speaker to addresses the group.
  • Seminars: Organized to discuss particular topics. They are usually educational in nature and attendees are expected to gain new knowledge or skills at the end of the seminar.
  • Round-Table Conference: A get-together of peers to exchange thoughts and opinions on a certain topic, commonly political or commercial. There are a limited number of participants who sit at a round table, so that each one can face all the others.